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Hello and welcome to Soph is blogging 2.0! It has been quiet on my blog for a while because a lot has been going on behind the scenes the past few days. And I can finally show it to you all. I now have my own domain and a new theme that totally fits my blog!

I decided to invest in my blog because I wasn’t a 100% content with my blog’s look and because I wanted to be able to customize my blog more. And Blogger just didn’t let me do what I wanted with my blog, and that frustrated me a lot. Blogger sometimes ruined the quality of my pictures and the editor could be really annoying to work with, especially when I added pictures.

At first I was hesitant to spend money on my blog. But especially when I’m abroad, blogging is a great way to stay connected and to clear my mind. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and the pictures I have taken. After hearing from quite a lot of people that they follow my blog and like reading it, it was the last push I needed.

I went for a theme from Pipdig and everything was installed for me so I could immediately start blogging again. This was really helpful for me, because I still have to get used to WordPress after using Blogger for years. My theme was easily customizable without code and I am in love with the way it looks now. I strongly recommend checking out my blog on a computer, laptop or iPad, since not all features are available on the mobile version of my blog. I especially like the buttons on the top of my blog which navigate to the different categories, the map that shows my current location, the social media buttons at the top and the grid style in which my blog posts are presented.

I hope you guys like the new look as much as I do and keep following my blog. Don’t forget to like my Facebook-page, to follow me on Instagram¬†and/or Twitter to be updated when I post something on my blog. Let me know what you think!


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