Participating in Inktober

October means the start of Inktober for many artists. Inktober (ink + October) is a monthly challenge, encouraging you to draw something every day. There’s an official list of prompts you can follow, or you can come up with your own ideas. When Inktober just started, the idea was to only use ink as a medium (hence the name Inktober), but nowadays even digital inking is allowed. It’s quite a difficult challenge; a lot of people choose to just do the challenges they like the most or quit after one week because it’s too time consuming.
See the list of rules and prompts HERE.
I didn’t think about participating in Inktober. I’m not that great at drawing, I didn’t really like the prompts and I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time. But Inktober has been going on for a few days now and because I follow a decent number of artists on Instagram, I saw many drawings for the first few challenges. And that made me want to participate as well. One of my personal goals is to become better at drawing and what better way to do that than to draw every day and push myself out of my comfort zone? After seeing other people’s drawings I realised you could interpret the prompts however you want and make it your own. And I also saw you don’t have to be an advanced artist in order to participate. A five minute doodle is still better than drawing nothing at all.
So I decided to participate in Inktober 2018. I’m starting too late, but I’ll try to catch up. I might not do all of them, but that’s fine. I hope I will be able to see I have progressed at the end of the month. I’ll share the drawings that I like on Instagram and at the end of Inktober I will make a blog post featuring all the drawings that I did.


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