Istanbul #1// Oatmeal, apple pear and an amazing view

My first week in Istanbul is almost coming to an end, so it’s time for an update.

The first few days were very hard for me. After one day of travelling, I was really tired, but I immediately had five castings, and the day after even more. Because of my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to to walk around town in search of the Carrefour, so I was very hungry; I don’t recommend living off crackers and banana’s… The mosquito’s here also really like me, so I got over 20 bites. I had never been to a casting before, so I had no idea what to expect. When I got sent away casting after casting without a positive response, it felt really discouraging. I felt really sick and was wondering why I was doing this.

I asked one of the girls who has a really nice walk to give me some tips and we practiced on the rooftop terrace. And after that, we talked about how I felt and what I thought of the castings. That talk really helped lift my mood. I also video called with my mom for a while and called with one of my best friends for almost an hour. The next day I felt way better and also some new girls arrived in town who are really nice.

I found out I was specifically asked to come to some castings (and not just “all girls attending”), at some castings I got to put on some of the designer’s clothes and suddenly staying here in Istanbul didn’t seem that bad anymore.

I went to Carrefour with some girls and finally bought decent food. I found out about this fruit called ‘apple pear’ (or asian pear), which looks like an apple with pear skin and it tastes amazing. And it’s also super cheap, so I eat at least two of those a day. I make myself oatmeal with apple pear every morning now.

I sit on a huge pillow on the top floor, close to the door to the terrace (hiding from the sun) and it’s really calming. The view is so nice here.

Yesterday I even had a fitting (fitting clothes for a fashion show) and that went well, so I think I will walk that show. Fingers crossed.


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