Istanbul #2// I was feeling home sick, so the weather gods made it rain so it would feel like I was back in The Netherlands

Ah, I love long titles for blog posts. Second week in Istanbul is almost over, so it’s time for an update.

This has been a week full of ups and downs, and to be honest, I’m still not really used to this kind of life. Last week I had a lot of castings (which are kind of like auditions) and this week I had some fittings (fitting on clothes; to see if the clothes fit and if everything looks good). Fittings take even longer than castings here. Putting the clothes on doesn’t take that long, but waiting for the fitting to start, for everyone else to get done and for the driver do. One fitting even took 4+ hours. Luckily there was a Starbucks close by so I could eat and drink something. (I don’t recommend the cheesecake frappuccino, it’s suuuuuper sweet.)

It keeps surprising me how tiring all of this is. In theory I don’t have to do much. But I always have to look my best and make good impressions, the other girls at the appartment aren’t always that considerate when it comes to being quiet in the morning when I’m still sleeping and they also aren’t very talkative towards me, and the waiting drains the energy out of me. And also I have over 30+ mosquito bites all over my body and since I’m allergic that makes me feel tired as well.

This week I had a break down. I was crying and felt really home sick. Luckily some of the girls who are not staying at my appartment told me I could come over whenever I wanted. That night I went out for dinner with one of them. I had delicious pasta and the most amazing lava cake ever. (The first nice dinner I’ve had since I got here.)

During dinner we decided we’d work out the next morning. So at 8 AM the next morning I went for a run with two of the girls from the other appartment. We ran for about 40 minutes and after that we decided to eat breakfast at the place under the agency. We all had pancakes with fruits and Nutella and fruit juices. It was such a nice morning.

Today I only had one casting in the morning and the rest of the day off. And that was very much needed. I decided to go explore the city a bit. I bought a nice bread for only ₺1,50 and wandered around.

I found a hidden market where they sold nice jewelry. I’ve wanted some simple rose gold rings for a while now and I have finally found some really nice ones! The four of them were only ₺14, which is about €1,80. Gosh, I love shopping here, haha.

Then it started to rain like crazy, with thunder roaring in the distance. These umbrella’s didn’t do a very great job at keeping me dry, but they were pretty. :’)

Next week is Fashion Week and I can imagine it will be very busy and stressful. I’m excited (and a little bit scared) to see how it goes.


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