Istanbul #3// Fashion week

Week three in Istanbul is over, so that means it’s time for an update again!

This week was a very exciting (and also stressful) week. It was Fashion Week! But, since Fashion Week isn’t actually a week but four days, I had a chill start of the week.

This may sound pretty lame, but I’m quite proud of myself because of it: I made an omelet on Monday! It looks more like scrambled eggs, but I tried, haha. I hadn’t eaten an egg in years (unless it didn’t look like/taste like/smell like egg) and raw eggs disgust me. But one of the girls was making an omelet and it smelled so nice, I decided to give it a try, especially since it’s hard to find meat replacements here. I whisked three eggs (without looking at it), roasted some chickpeas, sliced up an onion and added some spinach. And it turned out to be quite tasty. Still not the bigest fan of the look and the smell, but oh well.

On Tuesday I had a bit of a down day and I decided to go to a cafe, where I wrote THIS blog plost.

Today was the start of MBIFW, but I didn’t walk a show that day, so I was free.

On Wednesday the MBIFW started for me, but not until the afternoon, so I decided to eat out for lunch. I had these things filled with feta cheese and it was the best. Nom nom nom. #TreatYourself

Then I went to the venue where the MBIFW was taking place. It was some sort of shopping centre and it was really pretty.

I went to make-up & hair. They gave my hair the wet look and gave me orange eye make-up. Coincidentally I was wearing my orange top that day, so I looked like I got turned into an orange. Also, I really appreaciate my eyebrows more now, since they were gone under a layer of foundation for a few hours.

I had never walked a show ever before, so I was quite nervous. But there is a rehearsal before every show, so that calmed my nerves a little bit.

The show I walked was IMA New Gen.

After that show I had to run to another part of the building to get my hair and make-up done for the second show that day.

They brushed out my hair (ouch) and tried to get rid of the orange make-up as much as possible. Then I got new make-up on and I had to rush to the rehearsal.

This was the Ani Datukishvili show. I had two outfits, so I had to rush back after walking and change quickly. I only had a few seconds. But that’s why there are dressers backstage.

By the time the show was over, it was already quite late. But I still felt the energy from the shows and I was really happy everything went well.

The next morning I had to get up early for a casting, but I felt soooo sleepy. I decided to get a matcha latte, but it didn’t really help, because I went back to sleep after the casting. It was really nice though.

That day I walked the show called ‘M.O.F.C’. I really liked the make-up for this show and they gave me clip on earrings, which completely changed my look.

Backstage I found Coca Cola with coffee and it tastes amazing. But I do not recommend drinking two of them after 10 PM, because then you’ll be awake all night lol.

On Friday I walked for Miin. They gave me the ‘no make-up’- make-up look. They didn’t do much with my hair except for making it look wet since I was going to wear a hat.

I was number 7!

Right before the show started, I began to feel a bit unwell. I took an aspirin and tried to ignore the fever that was coming up.

On Saturday I woke up feeling really sick. My nose was stuffed, my head was pounding and I had a fever. I got up to get some nosespray and fruits and went to a casting. I was supposed to have another casting after that, but I told the agency I was sick and asked if I could stay at the apartment. That was okay, so I slept from 3 PM till 7 PM. My throat was hurting so much, I ate a banana for dinner. I also didn’t really have enough energy to stand in the kitchen.

Today I’m still sick, but better than yesterday. I spent my morning in bed, working on this blog post. I think I will go back to that cafe I went to on Tuesday to get some fresh air and be outside of the apartment for a while. I think I’ll bring my journal.

I have no idea what I’m going to be doing next week. I hope I’ll have a job and not just castings.


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