Istanbul// Crazy cat lady town

During my stay in Istanbul I’ve seen and photographed many cats. There are thousands of them in Istanbul; you can’t walk down a street without seeing at least one cat. And since I took so many cat pictures, I wanted to share them here.

A Lena (my cat) lookalike. This cat wandered around close to my apartment and when I had lunch at the restaurant downstairs, she meowed loudly at me and tried to jump on my lap.

The cat that slept on the steps of the first apartment I stayed at almost every day . She followed me down the street a several times, especially when I brought home groceries.

A kitten that was accompanying us while we were at a casting. This little guy just walked inside the building and nobody really cared, because he’s so cute.

A cat that was down for some belly rubs while we waited for the driver.

A cat full of cats!!!!!!!

Just chillin’.

Found the best spot to catch some scarce sunrays.

The cat that was always sleeping on the bar at It’s OK. (This cat is huge, almost like a small dog.)

Sweet dreams at It’s OK.

The cat that accompanied me when I ate chocolate cheesecake.

I would definitely trust this Hufflepuff businessman with my finances, lol.

Keeping each other warm after some heavy rainfall.

A dog and his six feline friends.

The warm rooftop of a black car is the best place to take a nap.

Kittens playing hide and seek.

A kitten that fell asleep on Nina’s lap.

Cats saying hello to the camera.

A friend I made while walking around the neighbourhood.

Looooonggg cat.

Even tough motorcyclists take naps.

Stopping pedestrians from walking past the cafe. You shall not pass.

These cats make stones look almost comfortable.

“I am just here in case you drop something. Don’t mind me.”


The cats were only pet and cuddled with if they voluntarily approached us. They all looked very clean and healthy; the people here really look after them. There is food and water on almost every corner and some people even built houses for the cats. Istanbul would definitely not be the same without the cats; they made me smile on many occasions.


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