I’m going on an adventure

Today is August 27 and I’m quite nervous. Why you may ask. Well, as a Hobbit once said: I’m going on an adventure!

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I always thought I was going to study at university once I graduated high school. For quite a long time I had no idea what I wanted to study, but I was excited anyway. But then I got scouted, started doing photoshoots and really really really liked that. And I was told I could go to Istanbul for a few weeks to work there.

So while everyone is going (back) to school/university, I’m going to do something I only could’ve dreamed of a few years ago. And I feel like I am going to learn more than I could ever learn from school books. When I was debating whether taking a gap year would be a good idea or not, many people told me this would be an amazing opportunity and I’d grow a lot as a person. And that helped me make the decision. It’s just one year, if I don’t like being a fulltime model, it’s not that big of a deal time-wise.

So today my flight left at 2 PM and landed around 5:30 PM (local time: 6:30 PM). I arrived at the airport on the Asian side of Istanbul, so I had to take a bus for a one hour long ride. There a driver picked me up and dropped me off at my appartment. I haven’t been able to see much of the city yet, because it was dark when I arrived. It’s now 9 PM and I’ve just settled down here. I have already met some of the other girls that are staying here and they seem very nice. Everything went very smoothly, I’m just very tired right now.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day already! I’ve got four castings and I’m really excited. I will keep you all updated about my stay here in Istanbul.


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