I’m blogging again

As you could probably already tell, I made a blog. I’m blogging again!

Those who have been following me online for a while know that I had a blog before. It was a blog with almost a hundred blog posts about books and I mainly wrote reviews on there, but because of personal reasons I took it offline. It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, and I began to miss it. So that’s why I decided to start blogging again.

This time I won’t blog solely about books. I found it quite difficult to be original and to blog often when I could only blog about books. So I don’t want to be restricted by my blog’s theme anymore and I also want this blog to be more personal. That’s why the tagline of this blog is ‘a blog about my life and interests’. But, since at least a vague idea of this blog’s future content is nice, here’s a list of things that will appear on my blog the most:

personal posts// Think of diary entries, traveling, what it’s like working as a model, random thoughts of mine, pictures I took, etc. Basically a look inside my life.

books// I still want to blog about books, because I just love books. This means a lot of the blog posts will be about books, for example reviews. But you can also expect discussions, fangirling, wrap-ups, hauls, bookstagram and challenges.

writing// Updates about the stories I’m writing and how I write.

journaling// I will show the spreads I make in my journal, how I use my journal, tips and stationery.

tv shows & movies// About tv series I’m watching (and if they’re worth binging) and sometimes a post about a movie I’ve seen.

music// Don’t expect a lot of posts about music. But sometimes I need to ramble about my favourite groups; when they release a new album or something. And I might share some playlists occasionally.

This blog will be entirely in English. While writing in English is harder for me than writing in Dutch, it’s not impossible. With an English blog I can reach far more people and English will be the language I’ll use the most for a while. English is my second language. I read a lot in English and I often think in English, but writing (and speaking) in English is still a bit hard sometimes. And I will probably make errors or use weird phrasing, so please bear with me. I don’t mind if you point out any mistakes to me! Hopefully this blog will help me improve my English skills along the way.

I worked hard on making this blog look exactly how I wanted it to look. I really like the post slider at the top (it will look cool once there are multiple posts online) and the Instagram widget at the bottom.

Let’s see if I can keep this blog up and can find the inspiration to post often. I hope you all are as excited as I am and will follow my blog.


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  1. December 20, 2018 / 3:54 am

    1. Your blog is so aesthetically pleasing, love the design!
    2. Gave your blog a follow as our topics are very similar ish.
    3. Welcome back to blogging and looking forward to reading future posts!

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