I’m back to blogging, but not like I used to

Hi! As you might have noticed (or not lol), I have not posted a blog post in a very long time. Actually, it has been a year since I last actively blogged. And that is because I took a break from blogging. My break wasn’t intentionally really, but I let it happen and I just didn’t pick blogging up again. It wasn’t until I decided to write this post that I realised how much I missed writing. It made me think about my blog and what I want to do with it. Here’s why I have been absent for such a long time, and what my plans for this blog are.

Before I hopped on the plane to South Korea back in March 2019, I had quite a few blog posts planned and it was also my intention to write weekly recaps. But… that just went all overboard once I realised I really wanted to enjoy my trip as much as possible instead of sitting behind my laptop. That felt like wasting my time, instead of living in the moment.

After I got back in The Netherlands I was supposed to go to China next, but that didn’t work out. But it cost me a lot of time and stress. And, if you have read one of my latest blog posts, I have moved to South Korea. During that time I had been planning and working on things for making the move possible, and I didn’t have the headspace for blogging. And by then I hadn’t blogged in such a long time, that I kind of forgot about it.

I won’t go into detail about the move too much in this post again, but I do want to say that the move has had a big impact on my blog (and social media). One of the “biggest” things is that I had to leave my books behind. There is not much space in my appartment for new books as well. So yeah, I don’t have access to pretty physical books, which means I can’t take book pictures like I used to. This is also a big part of why I haven’t blogged in a while, because I feel like it really was my thing to have book pictures in the same style on my blog, and I really enjoyed taking these picture and editing them. I thought about finding a way to make taking pictures of only E-books work, but it’s almost impossible. Getting an apartment in Seoul that has big windows which let in natural lighting is almost impossible/very expensive. And I never really enjoyed taking pictures of my iPad anyway… So my bookstagram will be left alone for the time being.

The incident that happened about the fake coffee also made me lose some joy in blogging. Initially I thought it didn’t affect me that much, but I found myself thinking thinks like “do my blog posts really add something to all the other blog posts out there?” and “is it really worth it to put so much time in this blog?”. Every time I posted something I felt anxious, because what if someone found anything wrong with it? I have never really posted anything really controversial and I don’t like getting involved in book drama, and it still got to me. During that time I realised I really used to enjoy reading more when it was just a hobby I enjoyed solo, occasionally sharing book tips and talking about books with close friends. But I think I’m ready to start blogging again. I will be more mindful of who I follow and who I interact with.

I want to make it clear that I won’t stop talking about books! Only the visual promoting of books will be less. Instead I’ve decided to focus on drawing more digitally. Like my blog header, the text dividers, and the illustration that accompanies this post, I want to draw something for every post. It will be fun to see myself improve. I’m drawing on my phone, using my finger, though, so it’s not amazing. But I work with what I have. And inspired by The Perks Of Being Noura, I will start with reading blogs instead of reviews, at least for a while. There will be more blog posts about other subjects as well. I want to start with sharing dairy like posts, showing you all what life in Seoul is like, I can take y’all stationery shopping with me (spoiler: the amount of stationery here is super crazy), share some behind the scenes of modeling, make you jealous of all the amazing food I’m eating… I want to start “journal with me” blog posts at least once a month, talk about what tv shows I’ve been watching, etc.

Since my blog’s content will change a bit, I completely understand if you decide to unfollow. No hard feelings! You might not be interested in my new content at all, which is fine. But I hope many of you will stay, or at least give it a try before unfollowing.

The look of my blog needed to change with this change of content as well. I made a new header (it’s moving!!) and I also finally made post dividers. What do y’all think? I am really happy with how it looks now, more bright and fresh. I can’t wait to start sharing posts on here again! I do think it’s best if I take it slow so I don’t burn myself out, and don’t stick to any schedule. See you in my next post!

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