My 10 favourite non-horror things to watch with Halloween

If you want to watch something Halloween-y but you, like me, don’t like horror, this is the list for you. Here are ten movies and tv-series I have enjoyed that are not horror, but are perfect to watch this time of the year. Coraline My absolute favourite is Coraline. This movie follows an amazing story, but is also beautifully made. It’s a children’s movie, but it gets creepier the older you get, because you realize how messed up the story actually is. The Nightmare Before Christmas There’s a never-ending “debate” whether TNBC is to be watched with Halloween or Christmas. But why not both, haha. Harry Potter I always want to watch the Harry Potter movies this time of the year. And magic is perfect for Halloween. Also: Umbridge is the scariest character ever. Frankenweenie Another stop motion movie. Frankenweenie is a cute story in Halloween style. The Witches The witches in this movie are definitely a lot uglier and…


Movie// Sierra Burgess is a loser and so is this movie

When ‘Sierra Burgess is a loser’ came available on Netflix I was really excited. I really liked Shannon Purser as Barb in ‘Stranger Things’ and I LOVEEEE Noah Centineo since ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. So at least two great actors playing in this movie; it had to be good, right? From the beginning on it’s clear Sierra is the “ugly” nerdy type that is being bullied and has just one friend. What. Maybe that’s just my high school experience, but being nerdy is a great way to bond with others. Also what is it with nerds and unflattery looks? And of course there is also a group of “mean girls”. And of course they are super pretty and dumb. I don’t understand this trope and I hate it. But okay, I kept watching. And I got annoyed by Sierra’s nerdiness. It felt overdone. Sigh. So the plot is basically that Sierra gets a text from Jamey who…


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