Bookstagrammers and their fake coffee

Today I want to talk about something funny in the Bookstagram community. I think it’s something most people who are not very invested in Bookstagram or not at all don’t know about: Bookstagrammers and their fake coffee. First of all, there are many Bookstagrammers who use real coffee in their pictures and *GASP* they also drink it. But I know there are quite some people who use fake coffee, including me. Let’s get to it! There are different ways to make fake coffee. A few of them are editing water, water + soy sauce, cola, editing tea, mixing leftover coffee with water or editing in whipped cream. None of the cups in the picture above contain 100% coffee and 2 of them were empty cups. Don’t believe me? Here’s the original picture: Using tea is great if you just don’t drink coffee, but you do like the look of coffee in pictures. Coffee is darker than tea, and sometimes that…


Bad habits I picked up from Bookstagram

Don’t get me wrong; I love Bookstagram. Bookstagram has brought me many great things, connected me with other readers and it is a place to be creative. But lately I’ve noticed that there are a few bad habits that I’ve picked up from Bookstagram. And while I find it difficult to post this, writing them down helps me to work on them. But this blog post is not only an eye opener for myself, but also other Bookstagrammers, because these habits are certainly not rare. (But I certainly don’t want to say if you do those things as well, you are bad and have to change.) Buying more books than I could read There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying books and sometimes it is really fun to come back from a trip to the bookshop with more books than you can carry, or that it feels like Christmas when the mailman stops by your house. But because of Bookstagram…


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