Bad habits I picked up from Bookstagram

Don’t get me wrong; I love Bookstagram. Bookstagram has brought me many great things, connected me with other readers and it is a place to be creative. But lately I’ve noticed that there are a few bad habits that I’ve picked up from Bookstagram. And while I find it difficult to post this, writing them down helps me to work on them. But this blog post is not only an eye opener for myself, but also other Bookstagrammers, because these habits are certainly not rare. (But I certainly don’t want to say if you do those things as well, you are bad and have to change.)

Buying more books than I could read

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying books and sometimes it is really fun to come back from a trip to the bookshop with more books than you can carry, or that it feels like Christmas when the mailman stops by your house. But because of Bookstagram I bought way too many books. I was looking back at blog posts I wrote when I just started blogging and I came across book hauls were I bought 10+ books in a month. I don’t even read 10+ books a month. Luckily I wasn’t really spending money on anything else back then, so it’s not like it was an actual problem, but it certainly wasn’t healthy either. I feel like it has become a “typical bookworm” thing to do this. And while I still want to be surrounded by as many books as possible, I realized I can also fill my bookshelves at a slower pace.

Bookstagram is a great place to discover your next read. But it can also make you very greedy.

I love it when I discover a book through Bookstagram I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. But when you see other people’s overflowing bookshelves, the newest releases and the most beautiful limited edition books, you become greedy. And while books are the least worst thing to be greedy for, it’s still greed. I forgot about all the beautiful books on my shelves that were still waiting to be read. “Yes, I already own that book, and no, I haven’t read it yet, but have you seen that new edtion? I neeeeeeeed it.” Everytime I had been on Instagram, I opened Goodreads next to add books to my never ending wishlist.

I added books to my wishlist because they were hyped, even though I might not have picked them up if they weren’t

Continuing on the previous point, I added many books to my wishlist on Goodreads because they were hyped. If you keep seeing a book everywhere and everyone is raving about it, you become curious to find out what all the hype is about. There have been many books that didn’t really speak to me, but I added them to my list anyway. I only realized this when I was looking through my wishlist last week and I decided to delete quite a few books off it. Some of them had been on that list for months, and now the hype is over, I see how much I don’t actually care. Luckily I never really ended up buying them, because, as I said, those books weren’t really my thing and there were always books I was more interested in.

I became crazily obsessed with keeping my books like new

I think from all the habits I picked up, this one is the worst. While reading a paperback, I didn’t open the book more than just a few centimeters as to not crack the spine. I didn’t bring books with me to read during breaks or on the train, because I was scared my book would get dirty or damaged. I wanted my books to look as pretty as possible in pictures I took for Bookstagram. And people who weren’t treating their books like I was, were monsters. Dog earing your pages?! Cracking the spine?! Annotating your books?! Folding the cover over so you can read with one hand?! And at this point I told myself: “What the f*#@, Sophie?” Let people do whatever they want to do with their own books. And also, there’s nothing wrong with books that look like they’ve been read. That’s what they are for. Obviously I am not throwing my books around and I won’t use them as coasters, but I am reading them more comfortably now. And I also recently started to try out annotating my books and I actually like it.


Let me know if you see these things as bad habits as well. Do you have them too?


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  1. December 21, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    Oh gosh, I’ve been guilty of buying too many books. I already have some on my shelf that have sat there for over a year! I’ve been trying to read through them all, but it’s an endless tug-of-war within me to read what I have or buy even more!

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